Make it New: Reading

Thank you to Rock and Sling for including me in the “Make it New” series! Here are some thoughts on how Harry Potter helped me heal from Election 2016.

Rock & Sling

by Ann Marie Bausch

2016 was a year of profound change for me even before November 8th.  My husband and I sold our house, quit our jobs, and moved to a new town to start fresh.  I exited the traditional workforce and began writing and house-wife-ing full time. Craziest of all, I looked in cookbooks for recipes.  And I started reading again.

Some of my earliest and happiest memories are of reading—my mother guiding me through Dr. Seuss and Little Golden Books over and over before bedtime until I could recite them myself; sitting on the front porch of our house racing wide-eyed through Anne of Green Gables for the sixth or seventh time (the fact that I knew the outcome already mattered not); hiding The Thornbirds behind a binder in algebra class.  Green Eggs and Ham.  Emily of New Moon.  Gone With the Wind. 

In college…

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